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Computer Use Policy

This acceptable use statement establishes guidelines for the utilization of college owned information resources (includes technology). The summarized usage is listed followed by the full Board policy concerning authorized resource usage.  These restrictions support Arkansas law and the policies of Rich Mountain Community College. 

Priorities for utilization of RMCC information resources are:

  • Instruction
  • Administration
  • Student
  • Community
  1. Use of RMCC information resources for illegal purposes, or in support of illegal activities is prohibited. Violation of copyright and/or licensing restrictions is prohibited.
  2. Use of RMCC information resources for commercial purposes is prohibited.
  3. Use of RMCC information resources for product advertisement is limited to RMCC functions and activities.
  4. Use of RMCC information resources for the viewing, production, duplication, distribution, receipts, and/or transmission of pornographic or obscene material is prohibited.
  5. No use of RMCC information resources shall serve to disrupt the resources of other users. No private software may be loaded without the express permission of the Director of Computer Services.
  6. All communications and information accessible via RMCC information resources should be assumed to be the property of RMCC.
  7. All access accounts for RMCC information resources will be used only by the authorized owner of the account for the authorized purpose. All access accounts shall be in compliance with established computer security policies.
  8. This policy is subject to change in correlation with equipment/software acquisitions and deletions.
  9. Failure to comply with this Acceptable Use Policy will constitute cause for termination of resource access and further disciplinary and/or legal action.

All users of information resources must follow the Acceptable Use Policy. It is the intent of RMCC to provide information services to users for educational and administrative needs. 


Board Policy 4.04.06 - Information Technology Acceptable Use Policy
(Merged: September 2014, Revised: December 2015)

All users, including Students, Faculty, Staff, and Patrons, of Rich Mountain Community College (RMCC) information systems are required to be familiar with and acknowledge receipt of this policy prior to gaining system access.

RMCC is an institution of higher learning overseen by the government of the State of Arkansas. As such, most hardware and software associated with RMCC are subject to the Governor’s Policy Directive GPD-5 (1997). This directive states: “Use of any and all State-owned equipment and supplies shall be restricted to official state use only. Unauthorized or personal use of equipment of supplies may be grounds for dismissal.” Some hardware and software may belong to programs overseen by the federal government and may be subject to additional restrictions.

RMCC information systems include all hardware and software that pass data in any form across the RMCC local area network. Video conferencing, projection, and other audio-visual equipment are considered information systems subject to this policy.

RMCC strives to provide users with the necessary tools for communication, research, collaboration, business operations, and other activities in furtherance of the RMCC mission. RMCC also acknowledges that limited personal use of information systems is inevitable and may ultimately be beneficial to both the individual and the institution. Therefore, it is helpful to understand both what constitutes acceptable use and those activities that are prohibited, regardless of whether personally owned or RMCC equipment is used.

Acceptable Use of Information Systems

  • Accessing the network for work or class related research and information gathering.
  • Utility and applications software that accomplish tasks and fulfill job functions or class requirements.
  • Communication and collaboration between users and/or other appropriate entities.
  • Access to the Internet for up-to-date information published by RMCC, other state agencies, schools, various other providers of information.
  • Activities or projects that support professional activities of users (i.e., electronic calendars, electronic scheduling of meetings, electronic prioritizing of tasks, using project management software, keeping electronic address books, and completion of work-related forms electronically).

Unacceptable Use of Information Systems

  1. Vandalizing equipment, software, or hardware.
  2. Interference with the security or operation of RMCC information systems.
  3. Attempting to alter or gain unauthorized access to hardware or software.
  4. Sharing of private access credentials with any other person or group, except authorized administrators.
  5. Attaching an unauthorized device to the RMCC network, either wired or wirelessly.
  6. Installing unauthorized software on RMCC equipment without the system administrator consent.
  7. Playing of networked games or games hosted on the Internet that are not directly related to classwork.
  8. Using, submitting, publishing, displaying, or transmitting on the network or on any information system any information which:
    • violates or infringes on the rights of any other person, including the right to privacy.contains defamatory, false, inaccurate, abusive, obscene, pornographic, profane, sexually oriented, threatening, racially offensive, or otherwise biased, discriminatory, or illegal material.
    • inhibits other users from using the system or the efficiency of the information system
    • encourages the use of controlled substances or uses the system for the purpose of criminal intent
    • knowingly transmits or receives material, information, or software in violation of any local, state or federal law
    • conducts any non-RMCC-related fund raising or public relations activities
    • engages in any activity for personal financial or material gain, with or without a profit motive
    • views, downloads, or sends pornographic or other obscene materials
    • contains a payload which is intended to damage or infect another information system
    • intends to affect network availability or efficiency
    • uses the system for any illegal purpose or with criminal intent.
    • Excessive use of social media or use that violates any provision above.

Privacy of Information

RMCC reserves the right to monitor and/or log all network activity with or without notice, including RMCC email and all website communications; therefore, unless otherwise stated, users should have no expectation of privacy or anonymity in the use of any information system. RMCC does not routinely monitor user content.

RMCC will never provide third parties with access to stored or transmitted information without the written consent of the sender and recipient except in special circumstances, such as investigating illegal activity or misuse of the system, or resolving a technical problem.

Information leaving the RMCC network may be subject to monitoring by governments, network carriers and other parties. Once it leaves the local network, access to this information is no longer controlled by RMCC.

Use of Protected Content or Resources

Users may not download material that is covered by copyright, subject to trademark restrictions, or encumbered by any other form of intellectual property rights protection unless it is legally allowed or falls under the Fair Use provision of copyright law.

Users may not upload, disseminate, or print material that infringes on copyright or any other intellectual property rights protection mechanism. RMCC will comply with all takedown notices related to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) or similar legislation. RMCC reserves the right to remove any item referenced in an infringement notice without the prior consent or notification of the user that uploaded or disseminated the item. Further, RMCC will not be responsible for a user’s legal defense or other costs associated with infringing material.

Enforcement and Penalties

RMCC users are responsible for complying with this policy. Penalties for non-compliance include, but are not limited to:

  1. Suspension or usage restriction on information systems.
  2. Internal disciplinary measures, including discharge from employment or enrollment.
  3. Initiation of criminal or civil action, if appropriate.

RMCC reserves the right to remove or block access to any information system, from any user or device, which adversely affects the availability or reliability of the information system or network without prior notification to the user or owner of the device.

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