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General Education

Purpose and Objectives

The knowledge and skills acquired in the general education component enable students to analyze problems, to arrive at intelligent conclusions, and to make reasoned choices in their professional and personal lives. Many general education courses are designed to deal primarily with processes rather than simply with facts, to help students to develop individually and as members of a group and to instill in students the desire to develop intellectual and emotional skills through lifelong learning.

The general education curriculum provides the means by which students will accomplish the following outcomes:

  1. Communicate effectively through written and oral communication with developed listening, reading, writing, and speaking skills. (English Composition and Speech)
  2. Use computational mathematics, algebraic operations, and their practical applications to solve problems which they encounter at home and at the workplace. (Mathematics)
  3. Acquire a knowledge of the history of Western cultures and recognize their richness, diversity, and complexity as well as their interdependency. (Social Science-World Culture)
  4. Understand the nature and function of the arts and to express aesthetic and cognitive insights about the human condition. (Arts)
  5. Comprehend the basic principles, philosophy, and methodology of science and the influence of science on society. (Natural Sciences)
  6. Demonstrate an understanding of the development of American society and the changing social, political, and economical systems. (Social Science-History and Government)
  7. Interpret, evaluate, and appreciate works of human culture that contribute to a better understanding of the human condition and develop the capacity to comprehend moral and ethical issues. (Humanities)
  8. Understand and appreciate the importance of factors that contribute to personal health and wellness. (Health/PE)
  9. Apply both rational and empirical methods of inquiry to the ways in which individuals, organizations, and societies are influenced by the environment as well as personal and societal goals. (Social Science-Behavioral)
  10. Possess basic technological skills to identify, locate, and process information. (Technology)

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