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My Advisor and Me

Keep the following information in a handy place; inside the front cover of your student handbook is one suggestion.

Advisor's Name: ________________________________________________
Advisor's Office: ________________________________________________
Advisor's Phone Number: _________________________________________
Advisor's Email Address: __________________________________________


  1. Whenever you encounter any problems that affect your academic performance.
  2. When it is time to schedule classes for next semester. (As soon as the schedule for next semester's classes is available, work on your schedule, and then make an appointment with your advisor. Don't wait until the day before you schedule to suddenly drop by your advisor's office).
  3. Whenever you decide to drop or add a course.
  4. To discuss your academic progress.
  5. To discuss career considerations.


  1. Be familiar with your advisor's office hours and schedule.
  2. Whenever possible, make an appointment instead of dropping by without one.
  3. If it is necessary to drop by without an appointment, try to do so at a time when your advisor has scheduled office hours, and allow plenty of time in case you have to wait to see your advisor.
  4. Because the first and last two weeks of each semester are the busiest for students and faculty, schedule longer conferences during the middle portion of the semester.



Advisee Should

Advisor Should

Contact and keep in touch with your advisor.

Post and keep office hours

Make and keep appointments or call if it is necessary to change or cancel an appointment.

Keep appointments or call if it is necessary to change or cancel an appointment.

Come with specific questions in mind.

Provide accurate and specific information.

Come with necessary materials (pencil/ pen, class schedule, catalog, etc.)

Have resource materials on hand. (Advising Handbook, catalog, forms, etc.)

Ask about other sources of information.

Suggest other sources of information.

Be open concerning school work, study habits, academic progress, etc.

Listen and help you solve problems.

Build a schedule free of time conflicts.

Check your schedule for appropriate selection of courses.

Make decisions concerning careers, choice of majors, and selection of courses.

Suggest options concerning careers, choice of majors, and selection of courses, or make appropriate referrals.



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