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Financial Aid Warning - Questions & Answers

Q. What is financial aid warning and how does it affect students?

A. Financial aid warning means that students did not meet the GPA and/or hour(s) requirements.  Students will receive an additional semester to improve their GPA or make up the required hours.  Students can look at this as a second chance to keep their financial aid.

Q. When do students' GPAs and hours get reviewed?

A. The Financial Aid Office looks at students' GPAs and hours completed at the end of each semester.

Q. What is the GPA requirement that students must meet each semester?

A. If students drop below the required GPA, they are placed on warning for the following semester enrolled.  Refer to the following chart to see the GPA requirements for the hours attempted

Hours Attempted

Minimum GPA







Q. What happens when students meet the GPA requirement?

A. If students enroll the following semester and their GPAs have improved, then the warning will be lifted for the following semester.

Q. What happens when students meet the GPA requirement, but not the hours requirement?

A. Students must meet both GPA and hours requirements or students are placed on warning.

Q. What are the hours required to complete each semester to keep from getting on financial aid warning?

A. Refer to the chart below to see the required hours needed for each semester.

Enrollment Status 

Semester Hours Minimum Hours

Completed Yearly Hours



12 or more 



Three-Quarter Time








Hour example:  If a student enrolls in 12 hours for the semester and drops one class, the student completed with 9 hours.  According to the following chart, the student must have completed with 10 hours.  The student is 1 hour short of the requirement.  So the student can enroll in 12 hours for the following semester and complete all 12 hours and the warning status will be lifted. 

Q. What happens if students do not meet the requirements for the following semester?

A. The students who do not meet the requirements will be placed on financial aid exclusion for the next semester.  We do not want this to happen because students would have to pay a semester before receiving financial aid again. 

Q. What do students need to do in order to have the financial aid warning removed?

A.  Students can have the financial aid warning status removed if they improve their GPA and/or make up the required hours needed for progress. 

Q. Who can students talk to about financial aid warning?

A. Students can contact the RMCC Financial Aid Director at ext. 1420 or the RMCC Financial Aid Officer at ext. 1421.

Q. What is financial aid exclusion?

A. Students are placed on financial aid exclusion if they do not meet satisfactory progress after being placed on warning; if the student withdrawals, officially or unofficially; or if the student makes a 1.00 GPA for the semester.

Q. What must students do to regain financial aid eligibility after being placed on exclusion?

A. Students must pay for the next semester that they enroll at RMCC using their own funds.  If students make progress, then financial aid can be reinstated for the following semester. 


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