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Academic Probation FAQ

This handout is written to provide answers to some of the most common questions asked about academic probation. It is not intended to be the final answer, but it is intended to give some general information you may need at this time.For answers to more specific questions concerning your situation, contact the Vice-President for Student Affairs at (479) 394-7622, Ext. 1400 or the Director for Student Success Initiatives at (479)394-7622, Ext. 1460.


Q. What is Academic Probation?

A. Academic Probation is a warning that your grade point average (GPA) has fallen below a certain level and that special interventions are needed to keep your educational career on track.


Q. How can I be on probation, I'm not even a full-time student.

A. RMCC makes no distinction between full- or part-time status for probation.If your grades fall below those on the table, you are placed on probation. For many students, taking just a few courses and receiving a "D" or "F" will do it.


Q. Does probation mean I'm kicked out of school and can't come next semester?

A. NO!! Remember, probation is a warning, but if you don't improve your grades this next semester, you could find yourself in serious academic trouble.RMCC wants you to stay in school and pursue your academic goals.


Q. So what do I do now?

A. Evaluate your situation and honestly answer this question. Why did I end up on Probation? An honest answer to this question usually points out a problem. Maybe a refresher course is needed to improve your skills; some people find it difficult to manage their time between class and out of class responsibilities; others may find themselves taking too many hours or too many challenging classes at one time.Try to determine the reason for your grade problems and make a plan to raise your GPA during the next semester.Take advantage of the many resources available to help you.


Q. Should I change my major?

A. That depends? If you failed because you goofed off and didn't apply yourself, then it may not be your major. But, if an entry-level course in your major area caused you major problems, you may want to take a serious look at your major. Talk with your advisor and explore your options.


Q. What if I decide to change my major?

A. Contact the Director of Student Success Initiatives or the Registrar's Assistant for a Change of Major form.


Q. Should I repeat a course where I received an 'F' or a 'D'?

A. Repeating the course is usually the best option you have.If it is a required course, you will have to pass it at some time or another, so the sooner the better.RMCC will calculate your GPA with the highest grade earned for the class.


Q. How soon should I repeat a course where I received an 'F' or a 'D'?

A. While the idea of repeating a course in which you just had difficulty may not be your favorite idea, it is one of your best options. Nothing is gained by postponing the inevitable, and all the material that you remember from the first time in the class should help you do better the second time.


Q. How can I make sure I take the classes that I take will help my situation?

A. It's called "Strategic Scheduling".


Q. What is Strategic Scheduling and how will it help me?

A. Strategic scheduling is having a strategy in mind when developing your class schedule.Since your goal is to get the highest grades possible to raise your GPA and get off probation, you should choose your classes accordingly. Keep these ideas in mind:

· Consider reducing the number of credit hours you take for the semester. If you are financial aid, find out how your financial aid package will be affected if you are not a full-time student.

· Enroll in classes in which you know you can do well. Every student has strong areas.Know your strong areas and take advantage of them.

· Instead of enrolling in a class section that meets only once or even twice a week, consider enrolling in one that meets more frequently.Small doses of knowledge are easier to take than larger doses.

· Repeat a course with a low grade to improve your GPA.


Q. Will probation affect my financial aid?

A. Financial aid has guidelines determining "satisfactory academic progress" and it is quite possible that probation will affect your financial aid. If you have any questions or concerns about your aid package, contact the financial aid office immediately.


Q. Who do I need to talk to, and how do I get in touch with them?

A There are several people/departments that you should contact to verify your standing and to receive assistance. The following list is a good start, and these people will be able to further direct you:


Dr. Steve Rook
Vice-President of Academic and Student
(479) 394-7622, Ext. 1300
Vicki Sanders
Registrar's Assistant
Maddox Tower Room
(479) 394-7622, Ext. 1410
Terry Francis
Director of Student Success Initiatives
Maddox Tower Room
(479) 394-7622, Ext. 1460
Brandon Burk
Director of Admission
Maddox Tower Room
(479) 394-7622, Ext. 1440
Mary Standerfer
Director of Financial Aid
Maddox Tower Room
(479) 394-7622, Ext. 1420
Elizabeth Davis
Financial Aid Officer
Maddox Tower Room
(479) 394-7622, Ext. 1421
Lisa Rackley
Student Support Services     
Abernathy Building-Room 304
(479) 394-7622, Ext. 1624
Theresa Davis
Student Support Services Secretary
Abernathy Building-Room 323
(479) 394-7622, Ext. 1621
Charlotte Wiles
Career Pathways
Abernathy Building-Room 319
(479)394-7622, Ext. 1450
Lura Powell
Career Pathways Counselors
Abernathy Building-Rooms 320 or 319
(479) 394-7622, Ext. 1452 or 1451
YOUR Advisor  


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